It Comes In Pints? was launched in August 2013 by two friends who wanted to share their love of beer, enthusiasm for healthy living and passion for feminism with the world. We want to drink beer, discuss it, cook with it, convert our friends to it and enjoy it as part of a healthy lifestyle, and we want you to join us.


About Liz

1526288_10100208695092394_1176024700_nLiz Dodd is a journalist and freelance beer and travel writer. She doesn’t remember much about her first encounter with beer (aged 10), except that it ended when she was pulled from the goldfish pond of a pub in rural Oxfordshire. She guzzled Guinness throughout her three years studying theology at Cambridge and moved to London in 2009 to work as a music journalist. Her other hobbies – distance running, Vegan cooking and opera – have mostly become means by which to better integrate beer into her life.

She writes about beer, travel, and ideally beer and travel and for The Guardian, The Independent, Independent on Sunday and the i.

Likes: Dark, strong, smoky beers; IPA; black coffee and bicycles, pretending she can’t hear you when you tell her some beer isn’t Vegan

Dislikes: Excess fizz; large amounts of water-y, flavourless beers; “Saison” beer; feeling guilty because she doesn’t like “Saison” beer

Most memorable pint: A “birra alla spina grande” her dad ordered in a pizzeria overlooking Florence after a long, hot walk through the botanical gardens. It was bigger than her head.

If Liz was a beer… she would be a double IPA; a little bit over-the-top, best enjoyed in small doses, liable to get you into trouble

About Pip

DSC_0024Pip Sprake grew up in a village which hosts an annual beer and morris dancing festival, so in a lot of ways her love of beer (and dancing with handkerchiefs) was a foregone conclusion. It also turns out that her forebears ran a brewery on the Isle of Wight in the 1800s. After four years studying her bachelor’s and master’s degrees at Exeter in the depths of rural Devon, she moved to London in 2009, a country bumpkin blinded by the dazzling new world of beer. A love of cookery, porridge, dark chocolate and writing complements her interest in all things hopped and malted.

In real life Pip works for a London business school. She is also a social media enthusiast, scriptwriter and aspiring (read: unpublished) novelist. Her claim to fame is that she’s shared a script editor with Graham Linehan. She was named the British Guild of Beer Writers‘ Young Beer Writer of the Year in December 2014.

Pip retired from beer blogging in January 2015 to follow her notoriously short attention span elsewhere.


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